Rules and Regulations for Sportsmanship First

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Please read through these Frequently Asked Questions before submitting your story. If you need further assistance please email
What kind of story qualifies as a Sportsmanship First story?
Stories of student athletes demonstrating exemplary heroism, commitment and sportsmanship on or off the field will be eligible.
Who is eligible to win a scholarship?
The subject of the story must be a High School athlete(s) in grade 9th through 12th.
Who can submit a Sportsmanship First Story?
Parents, coaches, teachers, community leaders, and friends can submit a story. OrthoTexas partners, employees, and family members are not eligible to participate.

Is there any cost to submit a story?
It is completely free to submit a story.
Can I submit a story about a group or entire team or just an individual?
We definitely encourage group participation but generally the scholarships go to an individual or the originator of the group's idea.  The originator is defined as the person who developed the concept and organized the group to execute it.

However, if it is truly a group originated idea, the scholarship will be split evenly amongst all participants. There is a possibility under special circumstances to distribute more than 1 of the 3 quarterly scholarships to a large group.
The committee will review all submissions on a case by case basis to determine if the submission was predominately a group or individual effort.
How many scholarships are distributed each quarter/annually?
There are (3) $2000 scholarships awarded each quarter and (1) $6,000 grand prize scholarship awarded at the end of second quarter. The quarters are as follows:
1st quarter January 1st – March 31st
2nd quarter April 1st – June 30th
3rd Quarter July 1st - September 31st
4th Quarter October 1st - December 31st
How are scholarship winners chosen?
Each quarter (3) scholarships are awarded. (1) will be awarded to the story that receives the most votes online via social sharing.  The remaining (2) will be awarded by a Sportsmanship First Committee.
What criteria does the committee use for selecting a scholarship winner?
The committee is looking for three main areas: Original Idea, Community Impact and Scope of Reach.
Every idea will have an impact on the community in some form. The committee will be looking for ideas which create a foundation for future students or athletes to participate in.
Is there anything that can disqualify a submission?
We are looking for altruistic acts of kindness. No financial gain or personal benefit should be derived from anyone in the stories being submitted. If the submission does not comply with the official guidelines it will be disqualified.
Who will be judging?
The Sportsmanship First Committee is comprised of OrthoTexas physicians, community volunteers, educators, and High School peers.
How will the winner be notified?
Submission deadlines will be on the last day of each quarter. At the close of every quarter, the winner will be selected and called by a committee member. The winner(s) will be posted on the Sportsmanship First website. Scholarships will be awarded at local banquets, live on TV, and other public events.
How can the winner spend their scholarship?
The winner or the winner's legal guardian may spend the scholarship as they choose for educational purposes.
What if the winner is under 18?
If the winner is under 18, the money will be entrusted with the winner's parents or legal guardians.