About Us

Welcome to Sportsmanship First by OrthoTexas.  Sportsmanship First is a non-profit initiative focused on empowering young athletes, athletic programs and students to create and support exemplary sportsmanship on and off the field. 
OrthoTexas’ commitment to North Texas communities and athletics from youth to professional is unmatched.  OrthoTexas physicians and staff are heavily involved in their communities, supporting amateur sports through donating time as team doctors, to financial involvement in the form of sponsorships or capital investment into equipment or community needs of these programs. We live and work in the communities we serve so we constantly strive to be active participants in and to better our communities. 
We are all inspired by stories of heroism, commitment and sportsmanship.   At a meeting, the OrthoTexas physicians were telling stories from their respective communities and began discussing ways they could come together to be more of an influence.  We realized many of these stories were being told right in our own backyard so we created Sportmanship First to allow young athletes, coaches, and trainers to tell the story of someone demonstrating exemplary sportsmanship on or off the field.
Sportsmanship First not only provides a platform for OrthoTexas to continue to support these community athletic programs, but more importantly allows communities to get behind their students and recognize and reward the young athletes and community activists making a difference.  


Before submitting please read and review Frequently Asked Questions and confrim.  

Produce a video, essay or slideshow of the sportsmanship story you want to recognize.
Upload Your Story 
Register and upload the content at SportsmanshipFirst.org. then SHARE it on facebook, twitter or any other social sharing site and ask for votes from your community and friends.
Sportsmanship First will award scholarships, monetary investment or both to programs and individuals who tell a story of building sportsmanship positive initiatives into their programs and communities.  All great stories will get recognized, but those that get the most votes or support will be rewarded with a scholarship towards their continued education. Scholarships will be awarded at local banquets, live on tv, and other public events.
We are looking for altruistic acts of kindness.  No financial gain or personal benefit should be derived from the stories being submitted. 
Stories will be graded according to the following criteria:
  • original idea
  • community impact
  • scope of reach